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Pneumatic Air Powered Vacuum Cleaners

Pneumatic Air Powered Vacuum Cleaners

Spillrite Australia design and manufacture pneumatic air powered vacuum cleaners for industrial application. We have hundreds of designs and have been supplying vacuums into industry for 10 years now.

  • Pneumatic Air Powered vacuums provide the following advantages;
  1. Air Operated Pneumatic vacuums are powered by compressed air, they do not use electricity
  2. There are no moving parts to wear out, cause friction or create a spark
  3. Can be used in both wet and dry applications
  4. Designed and manufactured in Australia
  5. 4 times the power of electric vacuums
  6. Huge 5 metre water lift
  7. 5 year warranty
  • We build to order and ship within 3 business days 

What is a pneumatic air powered drum vacuum?

Drum Lid Vacuum - Pneumatic air powered vacuum system

Spillrite Pneumatic Air Powered Drum Lid Vacuum is an industrial vacuum system that is bolted to a galvanised steel lid with stainless steel bolts. It comes in many different configurations and can be used for vacuum only or as a reverse fluid pump out system. Once the galvanised or steel lid is either clamped or placed on top of the steel drum and compressed air is supplied, it turns the drum into a powerful industrial wet and dry vacuum system. 

The unit to the left is an industrial wet and dry pneumatic air powered Drum Lid Vacuum. These units are primarily used for rapid spill control with models comeing in all compressed air consumption from the low 28 cfm right up to the monster 300 cfm ULTRA VAC which can used extended suction hose lengths of up to 30 metres and can be configured to vacuum explsoive materials including flammable fluids and combustible dusts.

Drum Top Vacuum - Pneumatic air powered vacuum system

The pneumatic air powered Drum Top Vac Ultra is the latest version of the popular Spillrite Drum Vacuum range. Now fitted with reversible venturi's, the ULTRA range provide huge power and reverse filter cleaning and reverse fluid pump out. The ULTRA drum top vac is a wet and dry vacuum that can handle a wide range of waste.

The pneumatic air powered Drum Top Vac has the venturi power unit attached to a powder coated mild steel lid. This creates a more sturdy vacuum unit.


SPAV-SS-EX-wet-and-dry500 The Spillrite SPAV pneumatic air powered 60 litre trolley vacuum is also a drum vacuum that has a 60 litre stainless steel tank. It can be configured as a standard pneumatic vacuum unit or can be upgraded so that it can recover both flammable fluids and combustible dusts. The unit is mounted on a 60 litre stainless steel tank which is fitted to a trolley with castors at the front and large plastic wheels at the rear. 
 SPAV-SS-Explosion-proof pneumatic vacuum
  1. The SPAV pneumatic air powered vacuum has a powder coated anti-static metal silencer shroud bolted to an anti-static explosion proof mild steel lid
  2. The chrome wand attached to the floor tool adds to the anti-static characteristics of the unit
  3. The unit comes with 3 metres of explosion proof smooth bore suction hose
  4. Metalic explosion proof anti-static fittinsg are used throughout the system
  5. A grounding chain is secured at the front of the trolley to allow a static dissipation path
  6. Metal couplings are used to atttach to the air fittings
  7. The lid is grounded to the stainless steel tank via metal clips
  8. The capture tank is stainless steel with a 60 litre capacity

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